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11. februar 2015 - 16:31

James P. Cannon (1890-1974)

Den amerikanske socialist og grundlægger af den trotskistiske bevægelse i USA, James P. Cannon fødtes 11. februar 1890. / The American socialist and founder of the Trotskyist movement in the US, James P. Cannon, was born 125 years ago, on February 11, 1890.

Den amerikanske socialist og grundlægger af den trotskistiske bevægelse i USA, James P. Cannon fødtes i Rosedale, Kansas, 11. februar 1890. (Dør 21. august 1974). 

Leksikale/Sites etc:


James P. Cannon and the Origins of the American Revolutionary Left, 1890–1928. By Bryan D. Palmer (University of Illinois Press, 2007, 576 p.). "Destined to become a path-breaking classic on American Communism, Bryan Palmer’s study of Jim Cannon offers a coherent and richly detailed account of that movement’s formative decade."
Reviews and interviews:

  • Early days of the US left. By Niall Mulholland (Socialism Today, Issue 142, October 2010). "This recent publication is an important addition to the historical literature of a crucial period in the US workers’ movement."
  • James P. Cannon: ’a revolutionary that one could model oneself after’. By Paul Hampton (Workers’ Liberty, 5 March 2008). "James P. Cannon was a titanic figure in the history of Marxism, yet in spite of a long life devoted to socialism, he has until now eluded a decent biography."
  • A Review: A Biography of James P. Cannon (Spartacist, No.60, Autumn 2007). "[the book] is quite good—far better than one would expect from a sympathetic, but nonetheless academic, source."
  • Interview with Bryan Palmer, biographer of James P. Cannon, founder of American Trotskyism, Part 1. By Fred Mazelis  (World Socialist Web Site, 28 September 2007) + Part 2 (29 September 2007) . "What really puts me outside of most academic convention, however, is that my own background has been one of commitment to, the Trotskyist movement ..."
  • A fighter for Marxism in America. By Fred Mazelis and Tom Mackaman (World Socialist Web Site, 18 September 2007). "The publication of a biography of James P. Cannon, one of the leading figures of early American Communism and the founder, in 1928, of the American Trotskyist movement, is a major event."
  • A revolutionary life. By Alan Wald (Against the Current, Issue 129, July-August 2007). "One of the most inspiring leaders of the early United States Communist movement has at long last found a biographer worthy to recount the first four decades of his life."
  • The making of an agitator. By Chris Bambery (International Socialism, Issue 115, Summer 2007). "But whatever criticisms are made of Cannon, he remained a link to the glory days of the US left ..."

James P. Cannon (t.h. for Trotskij/to the right of Trotsky, with Fr. Engels, Karl Marx, Max Shachtman, a.o. (Text: Workers of the World Unite in the IVth International!!). Mural by Diego Rivera (source:


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