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14. april 2013 - 23:04

Bye Bye Maggie : Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013)

Thatcher døde 8. april 2013 - uvenlige nekrologer og links - unfriendly obituaries and links

På dansk - In English - Videos - Other comments - Pictures to remember

Leder af det britiske konservative parti og Englands premierminister 1979-1990. Som klassekriger og tæt allieret til USAs præsident Reagan var hun klassekriger i kampen mod de engelske fagforeninger, bedst huskes minearbejdernes kamp, mod irsk uafhængighedskamp, mod fredsbevægelsen, for privatiseringer, monetarisme og aktiv imperialistisk krig over Maldiverne. 

 Se også:

Om Thatchers regeringsperiode (og økonomien under Thatcher), Tidslinjen 2. november 1990.

Om Maldivas War/Falklandskrigen, Tidslinjen april 1982.

The Miners Strike 1984-85. Linkboks om den britiske kulminearbejderstrejke.

Om de irske politiske fangers sultestrejke, Tidslinjen 5. maj 1981.

Myter om Ronald Reagan: synspunkter fra ’det andet USA’. Linkbox med kritiske artikler om amerikanske Ronald Reagan og hans præsidentperiode (1981-1989).

På dansk:

Anarkister vil spille bod med Thatchers hoved. Af Rune Eltard-Sørensen (, 12. april 2013). Med links til diverse venstreradikale arrangementer i UK - og mediernes omtale af dem.

Reaktioner på Margaret Thatchers død. Af Alfred Lang (, 11. april 2013). Med citater, vidoer (incl. Tariq Ali på Democracy Now) m.m.

Thatchers død udløser spontane gadefester. Af Rune Eltard-Sørensen (, 9. april 2013). "Nyheden om den tidligere konservative premierminister Margaret Thatchers død fik mandag flere hundrede mennesker til at feste i gaderne i Storbritannien."

In English: 

Thatcherism: a timeline (Counterfire, 8 April 2013). "As the Tories prepare to celebrate the life of much-hated former PM Margaret Thatcher, this extract from John Rees' Timelines looks at the real history of Thatcherism."

Why do people hate Thatcher? (site). With short statements an links.

The resistible march of Thatcher. By Charlie Kimber (Socialist Review, May 2013). "The death of Margaret Thatcher was greeted by celebrations across the country, while the ruling class went into a frenzy as they attempted to defend her legacy. Here Charlie Kimber looks at that legacy."

Margaret Thatcher: Bourgeois miscalculations and working class hatred. By Ben Peck (In Defence of Marxism, 17 April 2013). "The attempt to whitewash history and paint Thatcher as a hero in the present economic and political climate shows how divorced from reality the ruling class really are."

Thatcher - Feminist icon? By Maeve (New Left Project, 17 April 2013) "the Conservative Party [makes9 the spurious claim that they are pioneers of women’s rights because they had the first female Prime Minister, which masks the reality of the situation: that their policies on work, childcare and benefits are ruining the majority of women’s chances at getting on in life. So yes, Thatcher was a successful woman, but no, she was not successful for women." 

The Lady's not for mourning: Margaret Thatcher and the neoliberal counter-revolution. By Neil Faulkner (CounterFire, 16 April 20013) "The essence of Thatcherism can be captured in two contrasting events. The Battle of Orgreave was the turning-point in the 1984-85 miners’ strike .... The City of London’s Big Bang on 27 October 1986 was no less significant ... Now is a time to reflect. Let us consider this two mould-breaking events in more detail. As they bury their beast, let us review some lessons ..."

Was Thatcher a 'Champinion of freedom and democray'? Don't. be. silly. By Mehd Hasan (, Blog, 9 April 2013). "... a champion of despotism and dictatorship, not of freedom or liberty. The historical record is so clear and indisputable that to believe otherwise is wilful blindness." 

Margaret Thatcher: feminist icon? By Helen Lewis (New Statesman, 08 April 2013). "'I hate feminism. It is poison', she reportedly told her adviser Paul Johnson."

Thatcherism: a timeline (Counterfire, 8 April 2013). "As the Tories prepare to celebrate the life of much-hated former PM Margaret Thatcher, this extract from John Rees' Timelines looks at the real history of Thatcherism."

Good riddance at last (, April 11, 2013). "Phil Gasper explains why the death of Margaret Thatcher was greeted with celebration."

An obituary from below By Richard Seymour (Jacobin: a magazine of culture and polemic, April 11, 2013). "Thatcher’s great achievements were also what made her so vile. Her many talents were harnessed to horrible ends."

Thatcher: Obituary. By Peter Manson (Weekely Worker, Issue 957, April 11, 2013). "The politics of revenge are understandable, but futile. It is not individual representatives of capitalism that need 'getting': it is capitalism itself."

The Meaning of Margaret Thatcher. By John Molyneux (Blog, April 9, 2013). "It was her ‘achievement’ to contribute significantly to shifting British and international politics to the right and to pioneering the neo-liberal consensus from which the poor, the disadvantaged and the ordinary people of the world have suffered so much and continue to suffer ..."

Thatcher's legacy. By Julie Hyland and Chris Marsden (World Socialist Web Site, 9 April 2013). "Most working people will have greeted the announcement of her demise with cold indifference, contempt, and, in some cases, celebration."

Margaret Thatcher is dead (Another Angry Voice; April 9, 2013). "The economic and social destruction she inflicted can never be fully repaired. Too many industries destroyed, too many taxes dodged, too many communities divided and too many generations brought up on the right-wing mantra of "greed good; social conscience bad".

Thatcher: there was no alternative (Michael Roberts Blog, April 9, 2013). "Thatcher did her job of destroying millions of Britons’ jobs, incomes and lives with enthusiasm, dedication and arrogance. But in the interests of capitalism, there was no alternative (TINA)."

Margaret Thatcher: a brutal ruling-class warrior is dead. By Alex Callinicos (Socialist Worker, 8 April 2013). "... murder was Thatcher's business. Sometimes the murder was metaphorical - of industries and communities. It still destroyed people's lives. Sometimes the murder wae real ... Thatcher gloried in war."

The Thatcher Mix (Any Major Dude With Half A Heart, April 8, 2013). 20 track: "View it as a musical testament of songs that are political and good, and as an indictment of that woman’s noxious policies."

We need to end the legacy of Thatcherism. By Alex Snowdon (Counterfire, 8 April 2013. "Margaret Thatcher is dead. Her policies as prime minister ruined the lives of millions of people. Now her political heirs are trying to extend the damage she did in ways she only dreamed of."

The death of a class warrior – Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013). By Tom Mills (New Left Project, 8 April 2013). "Neoliberalism was, and is, a political project requiring political agency to achieve its hegemony; and in Britain it was Margaret Thatcher more than anyone who was responsible for transforming the neoliberal dreams of men like Hayek and Friedman into a waking political nightmare."

Thatcher dead: we remember her crimes against our class. By Rob Sewell (In Defence of Marxism, 8 April 2013). "While Prime Minister between 1979 and 1990, she epitomised capitalism in the raw. She set about attempting to destroy the power of the trade unions and plunder the state through privatisation, all in a vain attempt to restore the position of British capitalism."

Margaret Thatcher and misapplied death etiquette. By Glenn Greenwald (The Guardian, 8 April 2013). "The dictate that one 'not speak ill of the dead' is (at best) appropriate for private individuals, not influential public figures."


Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013): Tariq Ali on Late British PM's Legacy From Austerity to Apartheid (5:01 min.)

Glenda Jackson launches tirade against Thatcher in tribute debate (8:04 min.)

Thatcher's Funeral (Video, 1:10 min.)


Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead : Britain Celebrates Thatcher's death(Video, 1:56 min.)

Christopher Hitchens discussing the sexy Margaret Thatcher [1994] (YouTube, 1:20 min.)

Margaret Thatcher Defiende Al General Pinochet (Youtube; 3:12 min)

Elvis Costello: Tramp the Dirt Down (YouTube; 5:1 min.). Lyrics: "When England was the whore of the world/ Margaret was her madam/..."

The Exploited - Maggie you cunt (Youtube, 2:35 min.)

Other comments:

  • "so many will want to dance on her grave they will have to bury her in Ibiza."

  • David Hopper, general secretary of the Durham Miners' Association: "The death of Margaret Thatcher was a 'great day' for coal miners…It looks like one of the best birthdays I have ever had."

  • "For 3 million you could give everyone in Scotland a shovel, and we could dig a hole so deep we could hand her over to Satan in person." Frankie Boyle on Margaret Thatcher. (Thatchers funeral, on YouTube)

Her first attack: Thatcher the Milk Snatcher (source:
"Hun gav en latinamerikansk diktator en ordentlig blodtud," husker Ellemann på TV2. Det er ikke ham hun står med her. Det er hendes ven til det sidste, Chiles Augusto Pinochet.
Thatcher's legacy was warmonger Blair (CounterFire)
Thatcher med sin efterfølger Cameron
Central Brixton, April 8, 2013
Skål. Fejring af Margaret Thatchers død blev mandag den 8. april markeret på festlig manér flere steder i England. Foto: BrintoxBuzz. (
She condemned Nelson Mandela as a terrorist while backing South African Apartheid. This was a time when Young Conservatives, great fans of Thatcher, were permitted to wear badges saying ‘Hang Mandela’.
"The death of Margaret Thatcher is no cause for celebration. It came 35 years too late" (Source: The Thatcher Mix)
Liverpool supporters' tribute to Thatcher
Holding placards with some of her sins !
a banner in the Strand on the route of Margaret Thatcher's funeral procession in LondonSpectators hold banners during the Ceremonial funeral of former British Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher at Ludgate Hill on April 17, 2013 in London, England  Read more:

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