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20. februar 2015 - 13:08

Malcolm X (1925-1965)

Linkbox om den militante sorte muslimske leder Malcolm X, der blev myrdet i februar 1965 / Links on the militant black muslim leader, Malcolm X, who was murdered in February 1965.

Den sorte muslimske leder Malcolm X myrdes i New York 21. februar 1965, for 50 år siden. (Født 19.5.1925 som Malcolm Little i Omaha, Nebraska). Vi har samlet links om og med Malcolm X.

The black muslim leader Malcolm X was gunned down in New York fifty years ago, 21 February 1965. (He was born 19 May 1925 as Malcolm LIttle in Omaha, Nebraska, This is a collecion of links about and with Malcolm X.




  • Black Power. Af Helge Rønning ( 
  • Malxolm X ( Kortere dansk biografisk artikel.
  • Faktalink: Malcolm X. Af Richard Juhre (2001). Inkl. introduktion til borgerrettighedsbevægelsen og kronologi, biografisk artikel og personliste.
  • In English:
  • Malcolm X ( Featured Wikipedia article (med link til bl.a. længere dansk artikel). 
  • Malcolm X. By John Simkin (Spartacus Educational).

 Se også/See also:



  • The Official Web Site of Malcolm X. 
  •  Malcolm X (1925–1965) (World History Archives; Hartford Web Publishing). Articles by/about Malcolm X + Resources for the study of Malcolm X. 
  • The Smoking Gun: The Malcolm X files. A detailed accounting of the assassination of Malcolm X.
  • Malcolm - Malcolm's Legacy [A Research Site =]: Malcolm's Legacy (Series: Black Libeation Theoreticians - A Black Left Directory). By BLUN - Black Left Unity Network. With: Index, Cronology, Family, Speeches, Photographs, Bibliography, Webliography, Study  Guide ... etc.
  • Malcolm X Reference Archive (Marxists Internet Archive). Text + Audio (app. 10) + Essays on Malcolm X + Links.


Malcolm X - His Legacy (Monthly Review, Vol.56, No.9, February 2005). "The life of Malcolm X, who was murdered forty years ago this month, spanned a trajectory from oppression and victimization to inchoate rebellion and revolutionary autonomy":

- Malcolm X (Socialist Worker, UK). Ten articles about Malcolm X (2002-2015).

Malcolm X og Muhammad Ali + kids (Source with lots of nice pics!:

Artikler på dansk:


Malcolm X: Selvbiografi. Skrevet med bistand a Alex Haley. Med efterskrift af Alex Haley (Gyldendals Logbøger, 1971, 438 sider). 2. udgave: Efterskrift ved Erik Thygesen (Per Kofod, 1993, 462 sider).



A Rebel's Guide to Malcolm X. By Anthony Hamilton (Bookmarks, 2016, 64 p.). See review by Ruby Hirsch (Socialist Review, Issue 415, July-August 2016).

Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention. By Manning Marable (Allen Lane, 2011, 608 p.). "Malcolm X will stand as the definitive work on one of the most iconic figures of the twentieth century, a man who constantly strove, in the great American tradition, to remake himself anew.":

- The Portable Malcolm X Reader.  By Manning Marrable and Garett Felber (Penguin Books, 2013, 656 pages). Online at Google Books, many pages omitted.

- Malcolm X - Socialism and Black Nationalism. By Kevin Ovenden (Bookmarks, 1992, 95 pages).


Articles in English:

  • Series: The legacy of Malcolm X (, February 2015). "Lee Sustar examines the politics of Malcolm X as they were shaped by the world of struggle around him—and their meaning for today's struggles."
  •  The legacy of Malcolm X. By Ahmed Shawki (Jacobin: Reason in Revolt, 21 Februar 2016). "Malcolm X died fifty-one years ago today, just as he was moving toward revolutionary ideas that challenged oppression in all its forms." Extract from Shawki's book Black Liberation and Socialism (Haymarket, 2005).
  • Malcolm X: A half century later. By Alan Stowers (New Politics, Issue 59, Summer 2015). "Half a century after Malcolm X’s assassination, this nation has produced no comparable political or intellectual leader."
  • Malcolm X: The road to revolution (Socialist Review, February 2015). "This month marks the 50th anniversary of the murder of Malcolm X. Antony Hamilton looks at his life and politics."
  • When we invited Malcolm X to Smethwick (Socialist Worker, Issue 2441, 17 February 2015). "Avtar Singh Jouhl invited Malcolm X to Smethwick days before his assassination fifty years ago. He spoke to Ken Olende about the visit’s impact on the fight against racism."
  • Call for global resistance (Socialist Review, Issue 399, February 2015). "Saladin Ambar, author of Malcolm X at the Oxford Union, spoke to Socialist Review about Malcolm's historic 1964 speech, and why his ideas will remain relevant as long as oppression persists."
  • Malcolm X: Fighter for Black Liberation (Socialist Action, July 24, 2011). Taken from the Socialist Action pamphlet, 1988.
  • Malcolm X and American Trotskyism. By Louis Proyect (The Unrepentant Marxist, November 12, 2010). "But my first exposure to Black militancy was Malcolm X speaking at a Militant Labor Forum on January 7th 1965 held at the Palm Gardens in New York."
  • The undiscovered Malcolm X: Stunning new info on the assassination, his plans to unite the civil rights and black nationalist movements & the 3 ‘missing’ chapters from his autobiography (Democracy Now! February 21, 2005). Also as Audio, Text and Video. Links to Malcolm X on Democracy Now! See his Speaches, interview with activist  and biographer Manning Marable.
  • Interview with Malcolm X. By Barry Sheppard (Links: International Journal of Socialist Renewal). Taken from a chapter of volume one of a political memoir, covering the years 1960-1973. "Malcolm X was the greatest person I have ever met."
  • America's black shinning prince (Socialist Review, Issue 294, March 2005). "Mike Davis pays tribute to Malcolm X, killed forty years ago."
  • Malcolm X: Legacy of a revolutionary (Socialist Worker, US, Issue 331, February 18, 2005). "Lee Sustar looks at Malcolm X and the relevance of his ideas 40 years after his assassination."
  • Malcolm X, 40 years after the death of a revolutionary. By Ray Smith (In Defence of Marxism, 22 February 2005). "More than one or two breathed a sigh of relief at the top of the US establishment. One of the loudest voices against injustice had been lost."
  • Malcolm X, black nationalism and socialism. By George Novack (International Socialist Review, Vol.28 No.4, July-August 1967, p.43-51; online at Marxists Internet Archive). Review of George Breitman, The Last Year of Malcolm X: The Evolution of a Revolutionary (Merit Publishers, 1967).
  • Myths about Malcolm X: A speech (International Socialist Review, Vol.28, No.5, September-October 1967, p.43-60; online at Marxist Internet Archive). "George Breitman gave this speech at the Detroit friday Night Socialist Forum, March 17, 1967."


- Tariq Ali on Malcolm X at Oxford (, 14:09 min.). Speech at the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung—New York Office, February 14, 2015, about the impact of Malcolm X's debate at Oxford University in 1964.

- Remembering Malcolm X on his 89th birthday (, May 19, 2014). "Some video showing Malcolm X in his own voice."

- Malcolm X: Our history was destryed by slavery (, 9,12 min. ) "My father didn't know his last name. My father got his last name from his grandfather and his grandfather got it from his grandfather who got it from the slavemaster. The real names of our people were destroyed during slavery. The last name of my forefathers was taken from them when they were brought to America and made slaves, and then the name of the slavemaster was given, which we refuse, we reject that name today and refuse it. I never acknowledge it whatsoever..."

Malcolm X - The House Negro and the Field Negro (YouTube, 23,17 min.) See also: Malcolm X: House Negro + Wikipedia-article. Short vison: 1:57 min.)

RBG-Malcolm X, By Any Means Necessary| Full Speech & Text /Youtube, 1:24:39 min.) 



Se også / see also:

Nation of Islam. Af Daniell Marcussen (Kandidatopgave i historie, AUC, 2007, 25 sider; online på In Danish.
- A proletarian critique of the Nation of Islam (, August 16, 2006, 26 pages). "The pamphlet looks at NOI’s history and evolution, the way it exploits its membership and its promotion of anti-working class, sexist, homophobic and racist ideology."


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