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C.L.R.James (1901-1989)

C.L.R. James (1901-1989), vestindisk-britisk-amerikansk socialist, historiker og kulturkritiker døde for 25 år siden/
C.L.R. James (1901-1989), West Indian-British-American socialist, historian, cultural critics and activist, died 25 years ago. 

C.L.R. James (1901-1989), vestindisk-britisk-amerikansk socialist, historiker og kulturkritiker og aktivist, døde for 25 år siden.

Se linksamlingen om C.L.R. James med links til biografier og artikler og om C.L.R. James' klassiske hovedværk The Black Jacobins fra 1938 om slaveoprøret på Haiti (1791-1804).

C.L.R. James (1901-1989), West Indian-British-American socialist, historian, cultural critics and activist, died 25 years ago.

See the collecion of links on C.L.R. James with links to biographies and articles and on his classical work,'The Black Jacobins'

"the 1963 Vintage pocket paperback edition with the fabulous cover design by Loren Eutemy. Clearly taking a cue from Jacob Lawrence (to be generous!—others would maybe call it a rip-off), the portrait of Toussaint L'Ouverture is ultra-flat yet colorful and filled with different patterns and textures. The bold serifed title highlights the "Blackness" of the Jacobins, yet overall the cover is a bit subdued, published on the cusp of an earthquake of change in US racial politics and prefiguring the rise of Black Power. Although I'm not designing a cover for this book, I feel this particular edition is the standard for comparison of all C.L.R. James covers." Source for this and the following covers:  JBbTC 68: The Black Jacobins July 25, 2011 by jmacphee in Judging Books by Their Covers).


the dust jacket for the Dial Press first edition from 1938 (I believe, I don't have this book, but found the image on the web). It has that old school classic look, with a strong etching of L'Ouverture. It's interesting that this edition came out around the time Jacob Lawrence's paintings of L'Ouverture were first being shown in Harlem, but it took the publishing industry almost 30 years to catch up to his forward looking aesthetics
the most common cover seen for the book these days, the 1989 Vintage paperback edition with a distinctive cover designed by Janet Odgis & Company. It is distinctive, but I'm not sure I like it. Primary colored shapes leave a black figure with its arm raised in the negative space. It's a strong idea, but the figure is neither detailed or very efficient, instead it reads a bit inarticulate and clumpy—especially the feet turned at 90 degrees at the bottom. The text also feels like a compromise. It is more a mu
2001 Penguin UK edition, which attempts to frame the book as a classic by covering it with a 1797 portrait by Anne-Louis Girodet Trioson. The painting is actually not of L'Ouverture, but of Jean-Baptiste Belley, a Captain of the Infantry during the Haitian Revolution
 Cuban 2010 Casa de Las Americas edition to the left below is case in point. It is truly graphic in nature, but not unique or particularly intelligent. Instead it appears that the designer threw together a handful of cheap clip art elements in Illustrator. This cover has none of the creativity of a Cuban poster, or even what I have seen of Cuban book design from the 60s and 70s. Instead it has the dull fonts, generic images, and hairline framing box that plaques so many Spanish books from the 80s on
 2004, published by Fondo de Cultura Económica. From the few I have seen, this publisher has some of the nicer looking Spanish language books, including this one.
1980 Allison & Busby edition also uses "classic" imagery, covering the book with a colored engraving of a scene from the revolution

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